• Steel bar ending in H or I shape for structural reinforcement, hot rolled.
  • Two kinds are available: IPS or standard and IPR.
  • IPR Beam has a uniform rectangular flange and is made up of 3 pieces (2 flanges and one  web).
  • IPS Beam has a variable flange (rounded) in one steel piece.
  • Beams with flange and web of the same length, are commonly known as H Beams.
  • Resistance A36, A529- 50 and A572-50/992-50.
  • Contain and sustain weight, pressure and tension
  • In structural supports and metal barriors
  • Industrial buildings, fabrication of bodywork.
  • Fabrication of bridge structures and railroad cars

By piece and ½ piece in IPS and in Kg in IPR.

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