We are a company aware of the care we must have towards our planet, therefore we seek to be part of the solution.

Environmental policy

In Kalisch Acero with the aim of improving our environmental behavior, we are committed to the protection of the environment using preventive measures to control and minimize environmental impacts that could be originated given our business activity and complying with the applicable legal requirements through an environmental management system. We are also committed to fostering, in our personnel, suppliers, and clients, the minimization of environmental impact generated by our services, the rational use of natural resources, continuous improvement in our processes in favor of the environment, and the application of actions that contribute to the environment. .

Solar panels

Nowadays, renewable energies are a clean and unlimited source of energy, without greenhouse gases or pollutant emissions. In Kalisch Acero we decided to resort to this type of alternatives through photovoltaic energy, one of the initiatives we implemented aimed at a significant contribution towards the protection of the environment, as it does not consume fuel nor generate waste, contributing to sustainable development.


We currently have more than 400 solar panels installed in stores in the state of Chihuahua, generating 229.7 KW/hour per year, and reducing Carbon Dioxide emissions by 4.5 Tons CO2/per day. As a Socially Responsible Company, it is essential for us to fight against climate change, relying on renewable energies, and advancing towards energetic transition.