Hot and Cold Rolled Black Sheets

Black metal sheet is a thin product fabricated through a steel mill, producing a smooth unannealed steel sheet, also known as tempered steel. Such steel has a black color which can have a matte or shiny finish to suit the client’s requirements. The commercial quality of this carbon steel is ideal for use in any of its presentations: deep drawing, extra deep drawing, and extra deep drawing stabilized with aluminum.

There are two types of black sheet fabrication, hot rolling, and cold rolling; in hot rolling, steel stock from the roll is heated to the point where they can be deformed, then the material is stretched to achieve what is known as roughing, where steel impurities are removed; this happens with the use of a pressure cylinder mill through which the product passes.

Cold rolled black sheet is subjected to a cold lamination process to decrease its thickness, making shape forming easier and obtaining better superficial thickness, optimal for a wide range of applications.


Weights, dimensions, and tolerances expressed here are theoretical, and may vary +/- 5%.
Keep in mind that actual product shapes and colors may vary from what is displayed in your computer screen.